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POSDA’s Power: Worker Nodes

The key feature of POSDA (version 0.8) is worker nodes, distributing POSDA work-load over many servers.

  • greatly enhanced scalability/performance
  • enhanced reliability
  • streamlined operations
  • improved functionality
Download New Documentation

Other changes packed with this release:

  • Same operations, but some fixes and some tweaking
  • Trying to get rid of “hiding” images (Use timepoints for keeping track of what file versions are current)
  • Improved workflow
    • Changes to workflow menus
    • Some items moved to top level
  • New Documentation (PDF)

POSDA network boundary diagram

Worker Nodes Concept

POSDA worker nodes provide a way to move background processes off the POSDA Server.

  • Each node handles one background process at a time
  • You can have as many nodes as you want (within reason)
  • Nodes can be added/deleted dynamically
  • Queues are also configurable, but less dynamic

Note: A queue can contain many (potentially thousands) of background processes.